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Diesel Piston Air Compressor

  • Rated Pressure:     

    5-7[ bar ]
  • 72.5-101.5[ psig ]
  • Air Delivery:     

    1.8-3.5[ m3/min ]
  • 63-122.5[ cfm ]
  • Working Power:     

    11-18.5[ kw ]
  • 14.67-24.67[ hp ]
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1. Value plate and spring strip: made of special steel from Sweden and after special treatment; high efficient and reliable.

2. Piston ring: special design; integral casting; excellent flexibility; lowest lubricating oil consumption.

3. Cylinder: made of boron cast iron; wear resistant; special suitable for dust condition.

4. Cylinder cover: extrusion process adopted; streamlined external appearance; good heat emission performance.

5. Crankshaft: made from ductile cast iron; rare magnesium alloy after heat treatment and surface quenching; excellent performance.

6. Simple structure, light weight, easy to move.