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Energy saving High efficiency Environment friendly


1. Air-end

Professional customized two stage screw air-end.

Perfect pressure option, larger F.A.D.

Lower energy consumption, longer life.

Lower maintenance cost.

2. Lubricating oil filtration system of compressor

Imported oil filters and imported thermostatic valve component set for excellent quality.

Stable performance of lubricating oil system.

3. Full opening doors on both Left & right side

Larger operating space.

Easy service access and high efficiency for time saving.

Used oil or coolant drained from centralized chassis point for environment protection.

Reinforced heavy duty & durable undercarriage design.

4. Outlet valve component set

Excellent quality air outlet valves of 2 inch & 1 1/2 inch.

Meeting daily air requirement of all situations.

5. International Famous brand diesel engine

Top of the line manufacturing process,reliable & durable.

More powerful engine with fuel adaptability.

More powerful and better responding in lower speed.

Integrated design with less failure rate and for easy maintenance.

Excellent reliability and lower fuel consumption.

6. Controller

Friendly bilingual operating interface.

Clear view of parameters display and indicator lights.

With data diagnostic functions and alarm indicators,safe & reliable.

Easy operating & easy to learn.

LEAD series premium portable compressor - model naming principle

Principle:CFM as basis

CFM x 0.0283 = m3/ min or CFM / 35.33 = m3/min

Portable models :

L is short for our company name LEAD.

portable”P”+"D”or”E”(D-Diesel engine,E-Electric motor)+ CFM + compression type(single stage –S,two stage- Double )

LEAD series premium portable compressor – model name examples


LPD565S-17 means 17 bar@16 m3/ min, Diesel engine driven, Portable Screw compressor, one stage. LPD565S printed on the machines,LPD565S-17 on the name plate.

LPD670D-19 means 19 bar@19 m3/ min, Diesel engine driven, Portable Screw compressor, two stage. LPD670D printed on the machines,LPD670D-19 on the name plate.

LPE850S-8 means 8 bar @24 m3/ min Electric motor driven, Portable screw compressor, one stage. LPE850S printed on the machines,LPE850S-8 on the name plate.