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Small DTH drilling machine

  • Rock Rigidity:     

  • Diam. of Hole:     

    68-130[ mm ]
  • Optimum Drilling Depth:     

    15-20[ m ]
  • Max. lifting Power:     

    4200-12000[ N ]
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Our small DTH drilling rigs are widely used in the coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metal mining, chemical, railway, road, water and electricity, military and other tunneling engineering applications.


1. Widely used in mines, transportations, defense, water conservancy, rock engineer, especially rugged terrain.

2. Low center of gravity, easy to fold and to move.

3. Rotator reducer with high torque ensure operating reliable in the case of strong vibrations or heavy duty.

4. Simple structure, easy to operate, low cost.

5. Propulsion system equipped with relief valve, adjusting propulsion,ensure excellent performance

6. Different types, such as hydraulic and electric, and pneumatic.