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Seperated Drilling Machine - LD440

  • Engine Rated Power:     

    191[ KW ]
  • Hole Diameter Range:     

    Ø90-130[ mm ]
  • Max Hole Depth:     

    28[ m ]
  • Hammer Sizes:     

    3.5/4[ inch ]
  • Slope Capability:     

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Compact size but powerful drilling capability. Applicable in surface quarry mining and varieties of bench blast hole drilling for mid soft and mid hard rocks,meeting production efficiency needs.

Better drilling capabilities,higher quality holes:

Base on mature technology, LEAD is constantly improving the drill rig production capabilities and work adaptability. LD440 with near perfection on flexibility and reliability for higher production efficiency, better adaptability and higher quality holes.

One machine can do it all to increase stripping speed and control dilution rate. Lighter weight and compact size allows easy moving around between work sites and benches. Because of the excellent flexibility and powerful drilling capabilities, LD440 is widely used for various drilling applications, such as surface quarry and mining blast hole drilling, pre-splitting hole drilling, buffer hole and slope pressure relief hole drilling, and super deep hole drilling.

LEAD LD440 Features:

1.Precise straight hole for better blast result control.

2.Increasing stripping speed by combining and pre -splitting holes.

3.Reducing waste by increasing slope angle.

4.Much better flexibility than the traditional drill rigs.

Product Features:

1.Heavy duty motor and chain feed beam, stable and reliable.

2.Box design feed beam, strong and flexible.

3.Rock falling protected FOPS and rollover proof ROPS, all view AC cab with noise and shock proof.

4.All enclosed structural rig, pneumatic spring protection doors for easier maintenance and service.

5.Round table rod ( pipe) change system, excellent for deep hole drilling.

6.3.5" / 4”hammer rotary head, torque up to 2,800 Nm.

Excellent return on investment:

D440 working pressure up to 20 bars with 3.5 m drill pipe and choices of 2 dia. sizes to choose from, good for foot hole drilling and drilling speed much faster than the competitive products.

High efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly, safety:

Dual stage air compressor for excellent energy performance ratio and high air pressure drilling. Excellent Fuel economy better for energy saving and environment.

High torque rotary head to conquer jamming in most rock formations.

Two stage dust collection system to meet environment requirement.

All closed AC Cab for better view, comfortable and safe operation.

New style feed beam, excellent for direction control and stability to achieve high precision drilling.

Flexibility and maneuverability:

LD440 with excellent tramming ability for fast and safe moving between job sites. With adequate ground clearance and 10° oscillation on heavy duty track frame, great off road capabilities due to low gravity and balanced weight distribution. Excellent vertical and various inclined drilling even on slopes.

Convenient maintenance and service access:

As with other LEAD drills, LD440 design in mind with maintenance and service convenience at the beginning. With spacious service room, all maintenance access points easy to reach. Marked and labeled at both ends of hoses & pipes and electrical wires & cables with ring labels for easier service access.

The more vertical of the bench slope the better production economy:

Pre-splitting by LEAD LD440 for higher and narrower benches and sharper slope to reduce waste and less excavation, in turn to reduce dilution rate for higher production rate and better profits for the mines.