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Seperated Drilling Machine - LD355 RHS

  • Engine Manufacturer:     

  • Engine Rated Power:     

    92[ KW ]
  • Hole Diameter Range:     

    Ø110-152[ mm ]
  • Hole Depth:     

    21[ m ]
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New concept creative separated drill with standard auto rod ( pipe ) handling system for various hardness of rock formations in quarry, mining and construction applications.

Intelligently Manufactured with China wisdom:

Separated DTH drill rig by LEAD with new beam system and auto rod ( pipe ) changer, to meet high efficiency, energy saving and environment requirement and at the same time dramatically reduced labor costs, the better choice for separated drill.


1.Auto rod ( pipe ) changer

Rod ( pipe ) storage rack and auto changer.

High efficient, fast and reliable mechanical rod ( pipe ) changer.

Clamp type hydraulic handling platform for different sizes of rod / pipes to handle easily.

2.High efficiency dust collection system

High efficient dry two stage dust collector with powerful suction and large filtration area for excellent dust removal.

3.High strength heavy duty feed beam

Motor chain feed mechanism for smooth operation and long service life.

New design cycloid motor rotary head for powerful rotation and less jamming.

New design guide rail, stronger and easier to adjust.

4.Cummins Engine

Tier 2, reliable, easy to start, low fuel consumption and easy for maintenance.

5.Ergonomic control console

Control handles together for easier operation.

Electrical control rod / pipe changer for flexible control.

6.Three stage filters

Better protection for engine.

7.New design protection cover

Convenient maintenance and service.

Reverse tramming control console for convenient long distance tramming.

8.Standard tramming system

Standard track tramming system for up to 4 km / h speed.

Oscillated track frame for better off road capabilities.