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Seperated Drilling Machine - LC726

  • Adaptability to Rock Hardness:     

  • Borehole Diameter:     

    Ø83~130[ mm ]
  • Borehole Depth:     

    30[ m ]
  • Diesel Power:     

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LEAD LC726 is a kind of crawler drilling between light and heavy DTH drilling rig. Hydraulic drive the drilling rig walking, rotating, and change the drilling angle. Use together with medium pressure portable screw air compressor and medium-high DTH hammer. High performance, affordable price and lower cost of use.


1. Required torque of low-speed big torque hydraulic motor drive turn device export drilling rig.

2. Oil cylinder push to have more stable push with reduction of accident ratio.

3. Two phase filter device effectively guarantees safety of inlet diesel engine and prolong lifetime of diesel engine.

4. Constant monitor of hydraulic system pressure and pushing pressure of the drilling rig to ensure stable and highly efficient operation of drilling rig.

5. Using multi route control valve of famous domestic brand with excellent working performance and easy to operate.

6. Reliable tracked device to ensure reliability of drilling rig.

Detail images:

Rotary head

use swing cylinder motor instead of original orbit motor, Greatly improved reliability and extended use life.

Dynamic system

Adopt 4 cylinder engine, equip with double stage air filter and water remove filter for diesel oil, Stable.

Control table

Simple and practical operating system, rotary and promote can achieve dual speed control, Improve the drilling efficiency also improves the auxiliary time.

Walking motor track frame

Use engineering walking motor, strong climb ability, low fault rate.

Drill arm

Scientific structure for convenient adjustment and greatly improving the drill area. The lowest level hole height is 300mm