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Seperated Drilling Machine - LC725B1

  • Power of Engine:     

    40[ KW ]
  • Hole Diameter Range:     

    Ø90-130[ mm ]
  • Drill Depth:     

    25[ m ]
  • Climb ability:     

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LEAD LC725 Series Crawler DTH drilling rig is new developed DTH drilling rig. The product has excellent performance, flexible operation, complete functions, a wider range of adaptability, with a High price ratio.

This product can be widely used in open pit mining, construction of foundation excavation, a variety of engineering water conservancy, power plants, transportation and national defense construction in rock drilling operations, can also anchor hole drill, geological pressure measuring hole and a drain hole and other special purpose of rock hole.

Advantage of our crawler diesel drilling rig:

1. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor drive rotary device output torque required drilling operations.

2. The cylinder advance, so promoting a more stable, the failure rate is also significantly lower than the motor propulsion.

3. two filter effectively ensure the safety of diesel engine intake and prolong engine life.

4. can readily monitor rig hydraulic system pressure and boost pressure to ensure the rig stable and efficient operation.

5. Using well-known brands of multi-way control valve, superior performance, handle centralized, easy to operate.

6. Reliable crawler rig tension device to ensure reliability.

7. Establishment of lighting for night operations, maintenance of necessary conditions.

8. Rod libraries established to facilitate the operation and protection of the drill rod.

Main parts:

Structure of motor

DTH : The rotator is newly designed, and adopted planetary reducer and cycloid motor structure,reached large torque and very long working life.

Operation station

The operating valve is duplex structure, hydraulic system, two speed for propeling and rotating, suitable for different working condition

Diesel power system

In order to adapt to different working conditions and customer requirements, we adopt of a variety of specifications of diesel engines and motors to meet the various requirements.

For example:


2.YuCai,WeiCai...made in China..

Walking system

The crawler is with the hydraulic motor, climbing ability, low failure rate.

Drilling arm

Novel structure, convenient adjustment,greatly improve the area of drilling, apply to drill.

Horizontal hole low. The lowest level hole height 300 mm.