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Electric Piston Air Compressor

  • Working Pressure:     

    0.7-1.25[ bar ]
  • 10.15-18.125[ psig ]
  • Air Delivery:     

    0.4-2.15[ m3/min ]
  • 14-75.25[ cfm ]
  • Working Power:     

    3-15[ kw ]
  • 4-20[ hp ]
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1. The line fan: with patent technology,big and cambered fan, it can supply more 10% cool air to cool the air.

2. Valves: our valves are from Sweden,the inlet air resistance is small, big air delivery,so make sure long working life time.

3. Cylinder: finned designed can ensure the best cooling effect.

4. Filters: imported filter core with patent technology, increase the inlet air,good filter effect,and lower the noise.

5. Piston: 4 circles combination,compensating seals,long lifetime.

Many very good quality parts make our piston air compressor keeping cold temperature,little shaking, small noise and very energy saving.

6. High-strength wear-resistant crankshafts are equipped with double balancing blocks and high-precision bearings to ensure the best balance of operation.