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Small Stationary Screw Air Compressor

  • Working Pressure:     

    7-12[ bar ]
  • 101.5-174[ psig ]
  • Air Delivery:     

    0.81-3.6[ m3/min ]
  • 28.35-126[ cfm ]
  • Working Power:     

    7.5-22[ kw ]
  • 10-29[ hp ]
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1. World class oil injected and positive displacement air ends,global best molded line design for high efficiency with low noise,low fuel and low maintenance cost.

2. Motor is totally enclosed air-cooled type, protection class IP54, insulation class F.

3. Imported temperature control valve, automatic control and regulation of access to the host within the oil temperature, so as to control exhaust gas temperature in the range,and prevent precipitation of moisture in the air compressor.

4. Microcomputer controller for outdoor use is powerful and to achieve computer unattended 24 hours. Complete automatic protection design, equipped with function of exhaust temperature, exhaust overpressure, under voltage leakage automatic protection.


1. High efficiency cooling system

2. Integrated & high efficiency oil and gas separation system

3. Compact structure, ultra-low noise design

4. Advanced design concept makes the unit vibration value much lower

5. High energy efficiency grade brought by the high-quality accessories can save your money.

6. Rational design, long running time and reliability can save the maintenance costs.